Pentland Hills Icelandics is focussed on breeding, rearing and training good quality Icelandic horses. With well over 20 years of experience in the breed, we are usually able to pair you up with the horse of your dreams and to offer all the back-up that you may require to make the partnership perfect.

We select our breeding stock carefully in Iceland, looking for horses, first and foremost, with a good temperament.  Good conformation comes next with special care taken over legs and hooves. Then the breeding stock must be clear in their gaits with plenty of will. We have some breeding lines with height around 15hh and plenty of strength to match.  Of course, an Icelandic horse must also look spectacular with plenty of thick mane - we have some horses of rare and interesting colours.


The youngsters are reared on rough moorland by the Pentland Hills where they learn discipline from each other, horse to horse, the way it should be.  The space they roam on is challenging and almost unlimited and the herd groups are large. When training starts at four and a half years old, and more seriously at five years, they are keen, interested and love to learn. They are trained in a friendly but firm and calm way and become loyal and contented riding horses, responsive to very light aids and ready for whatever life will throw at them. Once they are properly balanced with rider on board, the gaits are trained using both the indoor arena and the natural terrain to achieve the best. 

To learn more about our approach to breeding and training Icelandic Horses, and about our stallion Ísak visit our ICELANDIC HORSES page


Do you want to buy a special horse?  Please visit our HORSES FOR SALE page. Every horse sold from here is happy in traffic, used to dogs and other animals, and is easy to catch, shoe and box under normal circumstances. We also have some excellent horses for lease - please call for details.

Of course, visitors are always welcome - give us a quick ring first to check we are about and we would be delighted to show you around. 


We passionately care about where and to whom our horses go. We want only the very best for them when they move on to a new home, so we are happy to make ourselves available should you need help or advice afterwards, for as long as it takes.

If you buy a horse, we want it to work for both of you so we suggest you come and stay locally and ride with us for a day or two. We are very happy to give gaited lessons and to make sure the partnership is right from the beginning.

It may be your wish to keep the horse at Windy Gowl permanently or you may wish to benefit from our help for a few weeks / months and develop a good relationship with your new horse. We are always very happy to help at any time. 



  • Grass livery for Icelandic Horses and native breeds
  • Supportive and friendly environment
  • 24/7 care
  • Weekly farrier
  • Access to fantastic riding country and indoor arena

For more information on our livery service, please visit our LIVERY page. Please note, any native breeds are welcome to come and join the Icelandics at Windy Gowl Farm



This winter, the riding herd have been kept in a court and corral situation due to the awful wet weather we, like everyone, experienced throughout the summer resulting in damaged muddy fields.  Although a bit of an experiment, this has been extremely successful for both horses and owners alike - with a dry straw bed and easy fodder access for the horses, and handy accessibility for the owners.

On frosty, snowy and dry days, the horses have been turned out into a back field to play and it is interesting to see the queue to get back inside when it's time!  The secret to keeping them indoors successfully is the spaciousness of the court, where they can scratch necks, play and move about freely.
Visit our LIVERY page for more details.

Filming took place at Windy Gowl for the new series of the BBC's detective drama series Case Histories starring Jason Isaacs, to be shown on TV this spring.

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Here at PHI, we care about our horses and try to minimise the risk of disease entering our herd at all times.

If you are coming out riding - or even just visiting - please be vigilant in wearing clean outer clothing and disinfect hats (a quick spray), chaps, boots, gloves etc before coming.  As an added protection, on arrival please dip your boots in the bucket provided at the entrance.

For all horses coming into Windy Gowl or leaving to attend an event, we will ask that you complete a Disease Risk Form two weeks before the event for all our horses safety. We also worm all horses incoming to PHI on arrival if they are to be turned out on pasture.

Thank you for your care

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